Follow some easy tips and eliminate Infertility from your life

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Female infertility means the problem of infertility occurring in women. Worldwide, the number of people struggling with the problem of infertility is increasing day by day.

Are you suffering from Infertility?

If yes, so here we are talking about what is the leading cause of female infertility, symptoms, and its treatments

Follow some easy tips and eliminate Infertility from your life

What is female infertility?

Inability to conceive a baby is called female infertility in a woman. If a woman continues to have problems with conceiving even after attempting to have sex for a year, it means that the woman may have infertility problems. Some women have problems with conceiving after marriage and some women find it difficult to conceive a second time after having a child.

Symptoms of infertility in women


Reasons for female infertility

The causes of infertility in women include

Ovulation disorder: About 15% of women are struggling with infertility causes in female due to ovulation disorders. Eggs do not release from the ovary, which makes it impossible for women to conceive in ovulation disorder.

Endocrine disorder: the glands of the body develop more or fewer hormones than normal In an endocrine disorder and hormonal imbalances also can causing infertility.

Fallopian tubes blockage: It is one of the possible reasons for infertility causes in female. Fallopian tubes play an essential role in the baby conceives process due to there is the fertilization of sperm and eggs. The procedure of fertilization is disturbed by the blocked and closed fallopian tubes.

Endometriosis: Around the world 30% of women suffering from endometriosis and battling with infertility disorder. In such a condition, endometrial tissues develop outside the uterus, causing harm to the pelvic organs and interrupting the conception of a woman.

Age: The fertility of women is high at the age of 20 and their fertility starts decreasing after 35 years. Due to the age increment, the quantity and quality of the eggs of a woman both reduce.

Stress: Stress is one of the major reasons which affect our hormones and weight to a great extent, due to stress, many women may also suffering from infertility problems.

Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal imbalance can cause problems such as thyroid or PCOS and infertility causes in female.

Modern lifestyle: Living life with underweight or overweight is the outcome of an unhealthy lifestyle, which has a negative effect on the menstrual cycle and can cause infertility in a woman.

Intake of unusual drugs and alcohol: Consuming excessive amounts of drugs, smoking and alcohol can infertility causes in female because it affects a woman’s eggs in the ovary.

Other disorders: Many other disorders can affect a woman’s fertility such as uterine fibroids, autoimmune disorder, pelvic inflammatory disease, abnormal uterine shape, polyps, and infection.

eliminate Infertility

Female infertility treatments

Women should take a balanced diet regularly to prevent infertility problems.

Exercise should be done daily. Daily exercises and physical activities such as yoga, aerobics, and gymnastic help to lower obesity and also improves fertility.

Do not consume alcohol, junk foods, smoking, oily, starch, and caffeine-rich foods.

Stay away from stress it can Infertility causes. You can do yoga and meditation daily to relieve stress.

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