Is right or wrong Covid vaccine during periods?

May 2, 2021 2 Comments

Is right or wrong Covid vaccine during periods?

Follow some easy steps before and after taking the COVID-19 vaccine and feel better

From May 1, people above 18 years of age humans will also be vaccinated. As soon as this news came, rumors related to this also started diving into the sea of ​​social media. First, it was said that applying the vaccine would affect fertility, then it was said that the period of women would be affected. But according to many health experts on these two topics and told you that both claims are just rumors. If the clearance was clear on these, our new people started making a new message viral. That woman should not get vaccinated during periods; this will have a negative effect on immunity. Is a right or wrong Covid vaccine during periods? we explain to you. 

And these rumors are becoming viral on Social Media; people are also reading them and received many messages on mobile. Now, how clear are these rumors, how much is it not? We are going to talk further about clarifying the truth of these rumors a little more.

According to Succhi Gupta Gynecologist of Agra Government Hospital before and after the period, immunity becomes strong. She told- These rumors are completely false. As a gynecologist, she told that women’s immunity is stronger during periods and for about 10 days after that compared to the rest of the month. Because there is a high level of a hormone called estrogen in your body during this period. So this thing that is being said that immunity goes down, it is completely wrong. In the meantime, you can get vaccinations done easily. But if your vaccination is due during periods, then be sure to keep some things in mind. For example, hydration should be appropriate. You should drink more water. Sleep well, don’t get stressed, and eat well healthy because stress also reduces your immunity to some extent. So just keep this in mind and get the vaccine done. 

According to Gynecologist Dr. Urvashi Jha, during the period, the rest of the vaccine is done; it has no relation with the periods. It makes no sense that due to the period, you delay the vaccine for 10 to 15 days. Because delaying 15 days is too much. The rumors that the immunity system is going down, but only 2 or 3 percent of immunity is coming down from the vaccine, the rest is working 97-98 percent. Therefore, it is not right to avoid the vaccine for this marginal difference. Youngsters are dying from Covid-19. The young generation already delayed to getting the vaccine, in this case, such kind of messages has the wrong effect. And assuming that the immunity is down a bit when the vaccine is applied during the period, then it is not a big risk factor, it will be a bigger risk than delaying the vaccination by 15 days. Due to right now, we are facing a big risk of being infected by Covid-19. Therefore, do not exclude this periodic thing in vaccination, get it early. Yes, if you have any kind of fever, then you wait for the vaccine to heal before vaccination. 

After knowing the truth from the experts, you must have understood that this rumor spread about the vaccine during periods is not true. There is no scientific evidence for this. That is why we also aware all of you, please do not focus on all these rumors. If you get a chance, get the vaccine done.

Is right or wrong Covid vaccine during periods?

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