Live your life happily after taking the best treatment for cervical cancer

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Cervical cancer is the most common reason of death in women worldwide. Do you know that in country of India, this dangerous disease is becoming common in women as well? Yes, if you look at the statistics, due to lack of timely treatment and do not follow cervical cancer prevention tips, this cancer is becoming the second largest cause of death among women aged between 15 and 44 years. But it is a cancerous disease that can be treated and cured at the right time. Here we discuss about the symptoms, stages, and prevention tips of cervical cancer.

What is Cervical Cancer?

The irregular growth of cells in the cervix is called cervical cancer. Sometimes, in the cervix of the heart, the papillomavirus is also caused by HPV. Apart from this, smoking is also caused due to frequent pregnancy, sexual relationships with more than one partner. Taking precautions and follow tips for cervical cancer prevention. According to a record, every year about 74 thousand women in India fall victim to this deadly disease. At the same time, according to the Women’s Health Journal report, most women do not get it examined, due to which it spreads and proves to be fatal. That is why it is most important to treat it in time so that you can prevent yourself from getting caught in it.

Live your life happily after taking the best treatment for cervical cancer

What stages of cervical cancer do symptoms visible?

Symptoms do typically appear with early-stage cervical cancer. With advanced cancer or cervical cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, the symptoms may be more severe depending on the tissues and organs to which the disease has spread and it is very important to take tips to cervical cancer prevention.

Checkup is important

Women need to have regular checkups and cervical cancer treatment to avoid this. Also, have a Pap smear test done every three years. Get vaccinated against the HPV virus. Stay away from cigarettes and use a condom when making sexual relations.

Signs and Symptoms

Often cervical cancer causes abnormal vaginal bleeding. Also, it is a major cervical cancer symptom of having blood or severe pain while making sexual relations, frequent white smelly discharge from the vagina, if there is too much pain during the period and pain in the urine sac then it is a warning signs of cervical cancer.

Some easy and helpful tips for cervical cancer prevention:

    1. Avoid sexual contact with multiple men without condoms.
    2. Have a pap test done every three years.
    3. Quit smoking, because nicotine and other components in cigarettes have to pass through the bloodstream and all of this accumulates in the cervix, where it inhibits the growth of cervical cells.
    4. Do not avoid cervical cancer symptoms and take early treatments to cure this dangerous disease.
    5. Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, but stay away from obesity.
    6. Most importantly, get it vaccinated. Earlier, HPV vaccination had three doses, but now it has only one dose. The sooner you take this vaccination on the advice of a doctor, the lower your risk of cervical cancer will be. You can take it like a polio vaccine at a young age, but yes, please consult a doctor first.

Notice: The advice and suggestions mentioned in the content are for general information purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions or problems.

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